Krill Oil Complex

  Krill Oil Complex

  Health Essence Krill Oil Complex is a supplement that contains Krill Oil as well as Shark Liver Oil.

  Krill are small prawn like marine crustacean. Antarctic krill is used to make krill oil, which has recently proven to be superior in nutrient content compared to fish oil in many ways.


  1. Similar to fish oil, krill oil contains high levels of omega 3 fatty acids. Therefore any benefits of fish oil apply to krill oil. Krill oil also contains omega 3 phospholipids, as well as an antioxidant known as astaxanthin.

  2. Krill oil is a strong antioxidant; Antioxidants speed up recovery times, fight free radicals and improve general health.

  3. Health Essence Krill oil complex also contains shark liver oil. Shark liver oil contains Squalene, vitamin A, as well as Vitamin D. This helps prevent the immune system, provide the body with antioxidants, increase energy levels and maintain healthy skin.