Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Nature Essence Products Made?Expand

Nature Essence products are and always will be made 100% in Australia

Why are nature essence products high quality?Expand

Nature essence products are high quality due to the research for the selected ingredients
Sourcing only the best quality of ingredients
Manufactured in Australia in a TGA licenced facility, under strict GMP regulation

Where can I buy nature essence products?Expand

Nature Essence products can be found in only select exclusive duty-free stores around Australia. Please contact the store where you last purchased the product.
Otherwise, you may contact

Why aren’t nature essence products in Chemists or Phramacies?Expand

Nature Essence is a premium brand, not a discount brand. To protect the premium exclusivity of the brand, only selected duty free stories are allowed to retail the brand.

Can I take Nature Essence Products if I’m pregnant?Expand

Always read the label for the directions of use, and possible warnings
If you are still unsure, please contact your healthcare professional for advice